Our Story


We come from a background of extensive property management. We understand what it takes to make where you live feel like a home. From a personal side, it is not always easy to do the day to day items - like hanging a curtain. From a property management side, it is an extra burden of man hours and turn costs to repair when residents leave and there is damage on walls (from attempting to hang curtains). The Curtain-Clip will answer personal and professional problems. We have the answer to easy installation of curtains with no nails, screws, holes in walls or tools. You can hang curtains like a Pro in under a couple of minutes!

Cynthia McMillion Cynthia Cloud McMillion, President

I was in property management of apartments for over 25 years. After making a career/life change in late 2014, I have been part of a start up company with a great invention. The invention is a curtain-clip that attaches to existing mini-blinds. The curtain-clip allows for hanging of curtains with No Nails, No Screws, No Holes in walls or Tools. The benefit of the Curtain-Clip can be for an individual consumer or to address the nightmare of holes in the walls after a resident moves out. The market is student housing (where holes are not allowed), military housing, assisted living, property management and single family homes. We have been in touch with interior designers for staging of homes, great for mini-models and the best part....quick and easy hanging of curtains!

I am excited to introduce this new product to the market. If the curtain-clip.com fits your personal or business need and if I can be of assistance, please give me a call or email at cmillion@curtain-clip.com.

Cathy Smith Cathy Smith Kelly, Vice-President 

I come from the background in 15 years property management.  My last position in late 2014, was Regional Director of Sales and Marketing.  After leaving property management, I decided and was excited to be a part of a start up company.  Curtain-Clip.com is an amazing invention that empowers people to hang curtains quickly, simply and look like a Pro doing it!  Our mission is to provide excellent customer service by helping all of you add curtains “one window” at a time.  I am available if you have any questions for your personal needs or if this could assist as part of with your business model.  Either way, please feel free to call or email at ckelly@curtain-clip.com.