Check out the newest and greatest invention/product on the market - "The Curtain-Clip".

We have made it easy for anyone to hang curtains in a couple of minutes. Now there is no need for nails, screws, holes or tools. A package comes with two Curtain-Clips (fits standard size window) for $12.50 (FREE SHIPPING). The Curtain Clip attaches to the existing mini-blind header (1 or 2 inch blinds). You simply "snap" open the mini-blind header, "slide" out the header of the mini-blind, "snap" on the Curtain-Clip, "slide" in your curtain bracket and place your curtain rod in place. How you hang your curtains - will be up to you. Some people have curtains that hang on the outside of windows, some will want to place where the curtains will be able to slide across the window. The decision is YOURS! We hope you enjoy stopping by our store and find that your curtain hanging is a breeze.



In addition to the Curtain Clip, we have added unique magnetic curtain tie backs to help you swag your curtains with style.  Each package has two magnetic tie backs for $19.95 (FREE SHIPPING).  These designer magnetic tie backs are made in Italy.  With the tie backs, you are able to add your own flair and style to your curtains without the use of nails, tools, holes or screws!  Hang your curtains like a Pro!